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deadtired by kayateya deadtired :iconkayateya:kayateya 1 0
Attention, all citizens! Your leader is here
No more will you tread in poor paths,
nor Dwell in the stink of the rear
Rest well, you soldier, and do so completely
Even heroes need to sleep soundly
So, do so, and pat your own back
:iconkayateya:kayateya 1 0
A. Love eludes him from his own self
And never seems to give a care
Nevertheless, he does no belong on a shelf
Cobwebs or dust in air
Ergo, no more his loveless life will be
    with a group of friends as we
:iconkayateya:kayateya 0 0
Joy is something that will come to you
Hold on to life until then
As nothing is as rewarding as feeling true
Place all your poison on the train to Then
Repeat until you're back to breathing
In spire of the painful life of hurting
Let us comfort you as you breathe in
:iconkayateya:kayateya 0 0
Hey, my smol nerdy bean
Are you caring for yourself?
Need to sleep? One me you could lean
No hindrance will you ever be
And remember, my small precious bean
Human you are like all of us here
:iconkayateya:kayateya 0 0
eXistential, exemplary, extraordinary and dear
Your name is always sweet music to my ears
Never doubt yourself, my lovely
Never forget! Someone loves you wholly.
:iconkayateya:kayateya 1 0
Galleries of olden faded cheers
Washed out in cobwens of old
Youth greyed out as people can be
No safer place to go
End here the false facades of fear
To rest and live to grow
How dare you think this is no place
for a soul to sparkle clear?
:iconkayateya:kayateya 1 0
Life and Death
Here, an adventure
Chasing you to dream again
Just open your eyes
There, a catharsis
Waiting upon your release
When you reach the sky
:iconkayateya:kayateya 1 0
IM just tired of peope
being tired of me
i told you im awful
i told you surely
it's hard to see through the day
im living in a nightmare
it leaves me feeling empty
it leaves me feeling cold
im linving in a nightmare and i know you are too
im just ehre pretending face to keep the worset away from you
for one more inght
pray for me
therse too much to see todayi
i have to fight the urge to drift away
i swear its hopeless
i lost myself before
but not as  
my errors my failures
tey only et worse
you carers you lovers
you apathetic liars
i have o shut them out
protect the =m while i can
from all my worries and doubt
i hope they understand why i ran
its such a crime to be sad
is being sad such a bad crime
if so ill be behind bars for a lifetime
there rare horns on m shadows
purple green lue orange blurs smudgges
:iconkayateya:kayateya 1 0
I dont trust my legs to keep me steady
Or my arms to keep me still
I dont trust my heart to be ready
For the forces of fate's will
So please, for the greedy
Go take a part from me
But it's all worth but a penny
In the grand scheme a'medley
Feel free to take a part from me
For it's all ready to be free
It's all parted apart in convenient parts
To frankenstein-fix your broken hearts
Anywhere, anywho, anyhow but here
Anywhere, anywho, anyhow but here
Anywhere, anywho, anyhow but here
:iconkayateya:kayateya 0 0
When the Players leave to lay and let stay
The wallow's stain
There's a small gain
To change
The way the game
Inflicts pain
Hiding the rare grain
From the poor gaze
Blood or rain
To wash away
The wallow's stain
Unless its there to stay
And waste away The
Fabric 'neath the pave'
Until its binding truths
Give way to break away
From each other
From that point to another
And from now to whenever its all how to however
Until it's
At the world's end
When we're all dead and the toolsheds
Goes to shed all it's human shreds in drops of
And dead ends
Loop together when nature ties loose ends
It's the same end
And we all bled
In the same shades of
Lead the same end
Taste the same end
In the same shades of red
When Fate and Life wed
And the banquet gets ready with the warm bread
Or toast bread
Thats what the Planner said
'Bout when Fate and Life wed
Though the wallow stain
Is here to stay
Despite all the warnings and heedway
We lost way
Long before the end of the day
It's in our DNA
:iconkayateya:kayateya 1 0
life and onions
my mind is a furnace never meant to thaw
my eyesf rom its heat have ddried themselves out
my life is a fiction, one everyone saw
but never could believe in no matter how raw
too many contradictions, too much to say
yet so little come out until i threten to sway
the plot is too hazy and the character too dumb
it seems her angels got lazy and maybe God got numb
giving away onions expecting people to peel
and seeing them instead dice away along to what they feel
alas, it's my fault. i shouldve been more clear
that the layers inside were things i fear
id hand out chunks, vague but precise
onions picked apart from the rotten palette pack
and then handed out raw yet incomplete as can be
from the batch that was supposedly sold as a whole
:iconkayateya:kayateya 0 0
whats the truth? who do i trust?
i know its been a while but im starting to rust
maybe i already passed the point of corrosion
with all the abrasion from these raw emotions
the black is back, you see
unearthed from my digital sanctuary
they jumped out of the bytes of their confines
and circle around me as the prey to dine
they are too many thats quite sure
my feelings locked in each beast in a blur
they thrive from my sorrow and live from my blues
they grow black and toxic and haunt me true
i am plagued once evermore
maybe seven hundred times more
than ive ever been before
and what a joy! theres more
what should i feel? what should i wear?
what should i don to mask the spiderweb tear?
i am quite confused, perplexed to what i am
everything was wrong yet...could i feel a damn?
i actually dont want to. but...i have to?
cant i just let them go? flick off the bullet that went through?
whats happening, really? the story is thick inside the muck of hatred
i dont trust you and never accepted y
:iconkayateya:kayateya 0 0
universetime lifefear
the universe loves circles
rings and loops
circlets, hoops
halos annuli and discoes
twice the "C" or one whole "O"
A graph of the three-point-one-four-fold
the universe loves circles
infinites and backtrails
it loves looking forward to look behind
it loves looking behind to look ahead
it loves spinning around
spiralling and twirling
dancing and swirling
swinging and slinging and hurling
in giant sweeps and bends and curves and angles
time loves marching on
since it cannot look back
it thrives forward and only so
in a world where forward is anywhere you could go
with its one-track mind it ceases to think
mindlessly lurches into the brink
it finds comfort in linearness
in the the simple life it lives to harness
life loves destruction, the ironic beast it is
as it thrives and glows, shimmers and explodes
into systems of atoms that look for abodes
it lives to unlive, thrives to die
it goes with time only to implode inside
it eats away forward and goes back to backward
it twirls and marches
:iconkayateya:kayateya 0 0
Sandpaper waves reach my ear
and pull all my shadows near
And the waves now they burn
and they tore the scabs I earned
Now my eardrums bleed with my heart with my brain–can I restart?
No I cant fix,
there are no tricks
to relight stumpy wicks
that have died
that have burned out and defied
So the sandpaper waves reach my ears
pierce my drums
screech into the worlds kingdoms
That i fail
That i stutter that i cant hold my end up
And I look up
To the sky where all the stars barely collide
For their light
Just like hope
Is so far apart so mope
For this
To be free
From all of earthly hexes
For it wasnt
Just that trip
That was causing all the vexes
And so oh i implore
Have i felt like this before
When this life has shook the core
And fearing this paramore
Can i at least be free to bore
All my sins into the floor
So at least
When wolves feast
Ill be out there to explore
seeing all lies evermore
While the people reaching miles are defiled by all thats been in file
In the sil-o of a
:iconkayateya:kayateya 1 0
6317shame pain game by kayateya 6317shame pain game :iconkayateya:kayateya 2 0


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kayateya's Profile Picture
CynEli SelNar G.C.
I'm just another Cynical Elision.

Not much to say.

Music is my lifeblood and I listen to almost everything (except most of modern pop music.) Especially Orchestral, Post-Rock (and its derivatives), Rock and Metal (with almost all of their subgenres.), some older EDM, etc.

I write, but I am not talented enough to make it worth reading.
Maybe one day.

I am used to be my own Solace.
Yes, I am boring.

I htought last year wa sbad. 
two more. two more people in my life despawning within this week
then the news. the world news, the local news/
then the disagreements the air the silence
the environment the weather the arguments the abuse
and now the coping the hiding and al the distracting just to get away
because i wanted to keep my word that i wont fall as low as before again
but maybe 
despite al lthe trying
despite finally fighting
i did
still did
and this time its more my fault than it ever was

but im alive
i twill be fine right?

im running out of ropse.



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